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What our customers are saying

My personal experience over the last two years has progressed from being unable to stand, hoisted from bed to chair and on to the next chair etcetera, with a very pessimistic prognosis from hospital to a state where I can optimistically see a return to a life resembling that before my stroke. It has been one of the most "lucky" parts of my fate that I was referred to Jacinta as my ongoing physiotherapist.


What our customers are saying

'' I was lucky to connect with Jacinta, I soon discovered she is an experienced, very competent and motivational neuro physiotherapist, she has been instrumental in assisting me in my recovery from my auto immune disease CIDP, the condition that left me bed bound in hospital for 6 months and on discharge from hospital wheelchair bound and totally reliant on carers for basic personal tasks, the community physio support I experienced then was unsatisfactory

After an initial meeting with Jacinta she compiled a comprehensive Assessment Report that focussed on my goals with a proposed supporting physio and sensory Treatment programme, together we worked through the objectives, periodically re-setting goals as I my mobility progressed and steadily improved

Thanks to Jacinta's treatments and guidance and lots of my determined physio I now live a relatively independent normal lifestyle ''

What our customers are saying

We really appreciate all that you do for us and we have had a go at the

long exercise session today and will try again.

Yesterday B walked unaccompanied, with the walker, all the way up to the

Station to see my sister and husband off on the train and then I brought him home in the car.

That was his first solo outing for over a year and more!


What our customers are saying

Thanks for all the help and encouragement you have given over these past weeks. We had a lovely holiday and managed to walk 4.91km and the avg pace was 25.05. We did stop for breakfast but he did really well although he was tired.